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Graham pots a position

Graham pots a position!

We are delighted to share the success of one of our long term tenants and a long standing member of the Lanner Snooker Club.

Mr Graham Vercoe has recently successfully qualified as a County Referee for snooker.  After diligent study and a tough observation and question and answer session Graham was delighted to qualify.  The  scrutiny of his knowledge was intense and Graham told us he was relieved when the day was over.


Joining the Lanner Snooker Club (then Men’s Institute) at just 15 years old Graham has now enjoyed 47 years of playing and membership at Lanner.  Throughout that time Graham has enjoyed the highs and lows of snooker league playing and felt that with his experience the time was now right to take this next step.  Graham now faces 2 years of continuous assessment and is considering further study to progress to the next level as a National Referee.


We shall certainly keep following his progress and wish him and the club every success.


Graham is Chairman of the club at Lanner and would always be pleased to hear from anyone interested in pursuit of snooker and particularly in joining the club at Lanner.


The facilities are excellent and friendship and fun always available although focus on potting the right balls while following the correct rules is obviously at the forefront!


Contact: David Thomas

73 Lanmoor Estate


TR16 6HL

01209 213387 / 07780693874